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Wings! Emulated Amiga Edition

1.99 usd

Wings! - Emulated Amiga Edition. Brought to you by Cinemaware®Originally released in 1990, Wings! was a breakthrough and memorable game on Amiga.
It's World War I and you set out to join the 56th Squadron to fight against Germany. First you must prove to Col. Farrah that you have what it takes, before he trusts you with the squadron's journal.
As you progress through missions, trying desperately to keep yourself alive against the Fokker scourge, the journal recounts the horrors and realities of war, whilst also celebrating the victories and progress.
Wings! has been faithfully emulated for play on modern devices, with easy-to-use controls and all of the original content. Relive happy memories and battle your way through the Great War in the skies over Europe!
• 100% accurate emulation allows you to play the classic Wings! in its original glory.• Take your pilot through World War 1 and try to become an Ace and earn all medals.• Epic dogifghts, strafing runs, and bombing missions across all 240 original levels!• Easy-to-use controls on your device.• Includes original instruction manual.